Deliqa Gems is passionately run by the gemmologist, Sasha Gammampila in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in loose natural sapphires for bespoke and fine jewellery. Staying true to nature, majority of Deliqa Gems sapphires are natural, unheated with no treatments to enhance their appearance.

Sasha's origins from the gem island of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, allows her access to exclusive gemstones, evidenced by the range of exceptional sapphires available at Deliqa Gems.

You will find selected high quality sapphires in a wide range of colours at Deliqa Gems available to young jewellery industry professionals worldwide including Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden and the rest of Europe.

Behind the scene is a small, extraordinary team in Sri Lanka beginning work as early as 4am making regular trips to the mining areas, gem cutting or at times travelling to countries like Madagascar and Tanzania. We love to share our stories and our love for gemstones with the jewellery industry professionals. 

We are really excited to be doing what we do and we hope you too find it exciting to work with us on your next jewellery project! 




Sasha migrated to Australia from the ‘jewel of the Indian ocean – Sri Lanka' in 2006 and graduated from RMIT four years later with a business degree in economics and finance. Soon after, following in her father's footsteps (a gemmologist and an award winning diamond cutter) she pursued her passion for gemstones by completing a Diploma in Gemmology.

"Gemstones are my heritage, part of the culture of the country 

come from and a part of the household I grew up in. 

Now I want to share that culture with you."   

"My passion has become my livelihood, however I believe it is important to give back and support communities who are less fortunate" she says. “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life” - Arthur Ashe.

Deliqa Gems exclusively supports the Foundation of Goodness, helping to bridge the gap between the urban and rural sectors in Sri Lanka and empowering over 25,000 lives in 50+ villages. You too can support these communities by contributing to this organisation.